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NaRCAD’s innovative, service-delivery model connects busy clinicians to the best evidence through an engaging synthesis of integral clinical information. We’re leaders in the “how-to” of establishing new academic detailing programs, as well as evaluating and improving existing ones. Our partner organizations serve diverse patient populations, including vulnerable and underserved patients likely to benefit the most. Read more about Our […]

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  NaRCAD’s Guides and Tools for Clinical Educators: NaRCAD Primer: An Introductory Guide to Academic Detailing Academic Detailing & NaRCAD 101: Watch Our Recorded Webinar NaRCAD Tip Sheets: Overviews for Clinical Educators Presentation: The Principles of Academic Detailing Presentation: Using Educational Materials During AD Visits Examples of Clinical Education Materials & Related Projects: Please note: these materials are […]


Our blog highlights how NaRCAD connects frontline clinicians to the best evidence. The result? Better patient health outcomes. Read on & share your ideas.